Are you looking for a perfect Christmas destination this year? Well, here come the 10 best places around the world which is an ideal place to celebrate the Christmas this year. These 10 winter holiday destinations are known for their huge and beautiful Christmas nights.

  1. New York

New York Christmas featuring Rockefeller centre which lie in the centre of the city with 80-years old famed ice rink and decorated Christmas tree. The whole city is bathing with the lights and celebration. There are fashion festivities and Columbus Circle to shop gifts, clothes, snacks and drinks.

  1. Barcelona

If you can manage to extend your Christmas vacation until January 6, you can catch up with Gaspar, Balthazar and Melchior situated in Barcelona for celebration. There are fireworks, parades and parties in Spain on whole week of the Christmas.

  1. Bath

Bath is one of those very few cities in the world where you can celebrate the birth of Jesus and Jane Austen with lot of happy participants. There are lot of historical valued places, Cathedrals and places which are celebrated and decorated like you have never seen.

  1. Copenhagen

Scandinavia’s capital Copenhagen is a vibrant and inexpensive city to thrive and enjoy the life. Celebrations for Christmas here are into higher spirits and only you here find the pre-Christmas celebrations and activities with thousands of Christmas trees and lights.

  1. Dublin

Dublin is great deal with great fun in the month of December when Christmas festivity can be felt in all over the place. Everywhere you go, find shivering lights, ice rinks and all musical carols in cathedrals.

  1. Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany is known for witnessing around fifty thousand Christmas markets spread out in the city. There is huge mass of people for Christmas celebrations, shopping and cultural events as well.

  1. Lapland

Lapland is fantastic all time Christmas-spirited place which is also known for Father Christmas’s hometown. People believe in magic of the Christmas and Santa Claus as well. You can see that in Santa Claus Village and also in various Santa Parks. You need to get some reliable and theme-based package offering travel companies like Shearing Holidays to get onboard with your Christmas vacation plans.

  1. Boston

Boston gives an historical and cultural take on the Christmas celebrations where the architectural beauty of the city turns gloomy and astonishing with lights and gas lamps in Christmas. It is most magical feeling where you even love to have late night walks to these lanes.

  1. Edinburg

Edinburg is the showcase capital of Scotland where you feel the Christmas all over in this cultural, historic and cosmopolitan city. There is a world-famous Christmas festive Hogmanay every year there as well.

  1. Prague

In the most exquisite beauty of 600 years old architecture, the city has these spellbinding celebrations all over the public places. You feel the lights adding magic to all historic streets and buildings. Christmas experience at Prague is nothing like anywhere in the world.