Tybee Island is a beautiful barrier island located in Georgia. The beach, which has been open to the public for decades, offers a variety of water sports that make Tybee Island the ultimate adventurer’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for fast-paced water activities or are in the mood for more relaxing ones, there is something for everyone at Tybee Island.


The waters that surround Tybee Island and Little Tybee Island are home to Georgia’s coastal barrier island system. Kayaking is a fun sport that allows you to explore these waters. While kayaking, you will also get the chance to observe some of the wildlife that lives in the area, from dolphins to marsh birds. Renting a kayak is a simple and affordable option.

Another great aspect of kayaking is that you don’t need to be a very experienced kayaker to enjoy the experience. Beginners and less experienced kayakers can explore the still waters around Tybee Island and observe the wildlife without needing to paddle too far.


image via Flickr by hannaneh710

Jetskiing has become one of the most in-demand water sports around the world, and Tybee island offers this as well.

Jetskiing is the perfect way to explore the waters of Tybee Island and have fun doing so. There are instructors on standby who can assist even the most inexperienced users and ensure the safest and most exciting experience possible while using the wave runners. Like kayaking, jetskiing allows you to observe the surrounding wildlife — but at a faster pace.

Both kayaking and jetskiing is extremely popular among beach-goers, and you should consider staying in a hotel near the beach to make your enjoyment of jetskiing and other water sports more convenient.

If you’re looking for adventure or visiting with younger people, then jetskiing around Tybee Island is an unmissable experience.


Paddleboarding is another way to explore the Tybee and Savannah waterways, though with a bit of a twist.

Paddleboarding involves standing or kneeling on a paddleboat and paddling to navigate yourself through the waters. Not only do you explore the waters around you, but you also get some exercise in the process.

It is an amazing group activity and is recommended if you’d like the spend a long period of time in the water. Paddleboating can be easily enjoyed by both experienced and inexperienced water sports enthusiasts.


Guaranteed to be memorable for the entire family, the sailing tours offered on Tybee Island allow people to experience the island from the comfort of a boat.

As opposed to other water sports, sailing would be especially recommended if you are visiting with infants, elderly people, or people who cannot engage in any of the other activities. Sailing will allow them to explore the island and its surroundings in comfort.

Tybee Island offers a variety of water sports, all of which grant visitors an opportunity to explore the amazing island. To make this vacation destination even better, there are activities that are suitable for people of every age, which means that the entire family will benefit.