It is undeniable, in the current pandemic COVID-19 situation, there are still many tourists who want to have a staycation and come to visit Singapore just to stay and enjoy some hotel promos there. You can also find the best hotel in Singapore on the Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp.

This is so natural and cannot be faulted because many people want to be able to vacation to their dream place. But there are some regulations in some countries that do not allow tourists to enter their country. Here are 5 tips you can do to keep your staycation safe and enjoyable.

1. Do a Vaccination

The most important thing is to have been vaccinated in your origin country, for example Indonesia. This is very important because some countries, especially Singapore, apply strict regulations. Vaccination can also make it easier for us to visit several tourist attractions such as Universal Studios, Singapore Zoo, etc. By vaccinating, you can avoid fatal diseases, and can help or help other tourists to avoid COVID-19.

2. Bring Your Own Specific Medicine

Bringing special medicines during a staycation is no less important. when traveling to other countries, we should bring drugs that are considered effective, because there are not necessarily available drugs that we need if your illness recurs.

Keep in mind the cost of treatment in Singapore is quite expensive and takes a lot of money. to avoid this, then bring personal medicine that is indeed felt to be effective for you. Of course, you don’t want your staycation to be disturbed because of trivial things like that.

3. Search the Best Hotel for You to Stay

Choosing the best hotel is a must when traveling in COVID-19 era. We have to be smart in choosing which hotel has complete facilities and has a COVID-19 protocol. Of course, you don’t want to get a hotel that is dirty and the service is not friendly which doesn’t apply the COVID-19 protocol.

On Traveloka, you can get a hotel with the best deals and facilities. Traveloka provides a variety of hotels in Singapore which are certainly worthy of our staycation. Not only clean but also implement the COVID-19 protocol. On Traveloka you can also see reviews and summaries of the hotel you want to go to.

4. Preparing the Best Food for You

For Muslim travelers, you have to be smart in choosing halal food or not. Of course, in Singapore, there are still many foods that are not halal. You as travelers who want to enjoy and eat the most delicious meal must be selective about that food around.

If you choose a hotel to stay at, you can ask whether they have a supply of halal ingredients or not. On Traveloka you can find the best hotel for a staycation. By looking at the reviews, you can determine which one is best for you, starting from food, drinks, to the facilities available at the hotel.

You can also bring your own country-selected food just in case you don’t want to eat beverages from the hotel.

5. Obey the Protocol of COVID-19

Last but not least, following the applicable COVID-19 rules is the obligation of everyone, especially tourists who come from foreign countries. Such as washing hands, wearing masks, keeping a distance, carrying out disinfectants is a must for every traveler.

As we know COVID-19 is not yet over, so to keep you safe when having a staycation, kindly follow every rule that is applied in Singapore. If you are looking for the best hotel in Singapore, kindly visit Traveloka for the best affordable prices, a lot of promo, and deals. Check the Traveloka app for book tickets and reserve many places in Singapore.