If there is one thing that would go wrong in a honeymoon or romantic getaway, running of ideas shouldn’t be it. A romantic getaway is all about enjoying each other companies, having fun together and knowing what makes the other person tick. Be prepared to try out new things to make it fun and memorable.

Here are some ideas for things that should be on your bucket list when you go for that honeymoon or romantic getaway you’ve been looking forward to all your life. All these are practical, actionable ideas based on personal experiences.

Ok, you probably have that travel itinerary already set so that everything goes to plan on your romantic getaway. However, discovering a new place and getting to mix with the people in your destination can be fun. Don’t stick to the typical tourist spots that every other visitor goes to. Grab an Uber or Taxi and tell the driver to do his thing. Be safe while at it though, don’t venture to the dangerous parts of a new place without proper contingency plans.

  • On Booking Accommodation

You might be a long-time couple renewing your love or just about to get married. This should not stop you from booking the honeymoon suite when you go for that vacation. Honeymoon suites have their special treats and perks. The hotel staff will be nicer to you and everything will be a bliss.  A cruise is a great way to explore a new place while enjoying each other’s company. Bali is one of our favorite romantic destinations in south-East Asia. Be sure to check out these Bali cruise packages if you are planning a romantic getaway.

  • Plan Some Surprises for Your Significant Other

How about sneaking out of bed and ordering a sumptuous breakfast to be delivered to his/her bedside when she wakes up. Make surprises part of your romantic getaway. A surprise gift here, a bold gesture there will make your getaway worth remembering. You don’t need to go overboard to make an impression, just make it simple but memorable. Genuine gestures are always better than expensive ones.

  • Just Do Some Awkward Things Together

No one is perfect, romantic getaways shouldn’t be choreographed or managed to avoid embarrassment, far from it. Let your guard down and engage in some silly activities that will reveal your inner self. You are more discoverable when you are vulnerable or embarrassed. Perhaps you suck at the dance floor, or couldn’t sing a chorus to save a life. Go to a karaoke session together and get your groove on baby. 

  • Hide in The Hotel Suite All Day Long

Did you manage to get that honeymoon suite? Good, then I’m sure you wouldn’t mind spending the whole day in there cuddled up with your soulmate. Contrary to what many believe, honeymoons or romantic getaways aren’t just about exploring new places and sunbathing. Lock yourselves up in your luxurious honeymoon suite, queue some romantic tunes on the stereo or better yet, take turns reading each other poems all day long.  When evening comes, order some room service and finish the day with a warm bubble bath together. 

  • Challenge Her/him 

Good romantic destinations are full of challenges to be taken and things to be explored. A small competition between the two of you will make your getaway more fun and fulfilling. You can challenge her/him to a beachside volleyball game or something similar. Don’t get too competitive though, just take it easy and if you are a man, let her win. 

Final Remarks

Those are some of the things you should try next time you go for that romantic getaway. Just take it easy and be ready to let your guard down. Remember to enjoy it and make every movement count. Later when you get old, you will only have the memories to cherish.