People who are a frequent travellers or passionate to explore new horizons across the world are often troubled with the expensive or even fortune-worth air flight tickets. Well, with some precautions and tricks, you can actually go for cheaper flight tickets. You need to figure out about timings, online bookings and other few things to make some significant drop in air ticket cost. Here are some tips and tricks which can save your lot of money on flight bookings.

  1. Search your flights in Incognito Mode

You should keep your flight searches top secret and so use incognito mode on your web browser before you make bookings. You often see flight prices getting high after checking so many times. It happens due to cookies which get saved in your browser and your searches can be now tracked and hence modified for their profits for those certain dates. Just use incognito mode every time to find the lowest prices of flights.

  1. Book Early or when it is Cheapest

Try to book your flights earliest as possible which will give you extremely great benefits on the price. Also, look for the cheapest days to book flights. You need to identify those days when the cost of certain flights are minimum.

  1. Compare on different flight booking websites

Choose the best and reliable websites like to book flights or even search for. The next smart move is to compare the prices of flights on different flight booking websites and go for the cheapest. You must select few popular and some other news flight booking websites to your bookmark.

  1. Use flight fare comparison websites

There are different flight fare comparison websites where you can compare the fare prices of flights of different airlines on respective date, time and destinations. The best idea is to consider the whole month for booking for your flights and go for the cheapest day instead of looking for a fixed date.

  1. Try new airlines, look for cheaper ones

Try to ditch the usual popular airlines sometime and find the competitors to go for the cheapest fare available. Competition in airline industry is generating more offers and low cost fares to choose. Try new flights while your return and other things like timing and all are not the concern.

  1. Avoid Weekends for flight bookings

It is a very simple rule that you should try to avoid the weekends for flight bookings as these two days are the default expensive days for flying anywhere. Usually the price of flights goes high from Friday and keeps raising upto Sunday. So it is better to avoid weekends and go for days like Monday to Thursday.

  1. Trust Airline official websites to book

There are lot of airline ticketing websites to book your flights but no matter how much the offer or discount they claim, they tell you the overpriced fares. So the safe bet is to go for the official flight booking websites of that airline to book flight tickets. You will surely save a significant amount of money there.