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10 Best Places around the World to Celebrate Christmas This Year

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Are you looking for a perfect Christmas destination this year? Well, here come the 10 best places around the world which is an ideal place to celebrate the Christmas this year. These 10 winter holiday destinations are known for their huge and beautiful Christmas nights.

  1. New York

New York Christmas featuring Rockefeller centre which lie in the centre of the city with 80-years old famed ice rink and decorated Christmas tree. The whole city is bathing with the lights and celebration. There are fashion festivities and Columbus Circle to shop gifts, clothes, snacks and drinks.

  1. Barcelona

If you can manage to extend your Christmas vacation until January 6, you can catch up with Gaspar, Balthazar and Melchior situated in Barcelona for celebration. There are fireworks, parades and parties in Spain on whole week of the Christmas.

  1. Bath

Bath is one of those very few cities in the world where you can celebrate the birth of Jesus and Jane Austen with lot of happy participants. There are lot of historical valued places, Cathedrals and places which are celebrated and decorated like you have never seen.

  1. Copenhagen

Scandinavia’s capital Copenhagen is a vibrant and inexpensive city to thrive and enjoy the life. Celebrations for Christmas here are into higher spirits and only you here find the pre-Christmas celebrations and activities with thousands of Christmas trees and lights.

  1. Dublin

Dublin is great deal with great fun in the month of December when Christmas festivity can be felt in all over the place. Everywhere you go, find shivering lights, ice rinks and all musical carols in cathedrals.

  1. Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany is known for witnessing around fifty thousand Christmas markets spread out in the city. There is huge mass of people for Christmas celebrations, shopping and cultural events as well.

  1. Lapland

Lapland is fantastic all time Christmas-spirited place which is also known for Father Christmas’s hometown. People believe in magic of the Christmas and Santa Claus as well. You can see that in Santa Claus Village and also in various Santa Parks. You need to get some reliable and theme-based package offering travel companies like Shearing Holidays to get onboard with your Christmas vacation plans.

  1. Boston

Boston gives an historical and cultural take on the Christmas celebrations where the architectural beauty of the city turns gloomy and astonishing with lights and gas lamps in Christmas. It is most magical feeling where you even love to have late night walks to these lanes.

  1. Edinburg

Edinburg is the showcase capital of Scotland where you feel the Christmas all over in this cultural, historic and cosmopolitan city. There is a world-famous Christmas festive Hogmanay every year there as well.

  1. Prague

In the most exquisite beauty of 600 years old architecture, the city has these spellbinding celebrations all over the public places. You feel the lights adding magic to all historic streets and buildings. Christmas experience at Prague is nothing like anywhere in the world.

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7 Tips and Tricks to Book your flights Cheaper: Budget-friendly travel guide

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People who are a frequent travellers or passionate to explore new horizons across the world are often troubled with the expensive or even fortune-worth air flight tickets. Well, with some precautions and tricks, you can actually go for cheaper flight tickets. You need to figure out about timings, online bookings and other few things to make some significant drop in air ticket cost. Here are some tips and tricks which can save your lot of money on flight bookings.

  1. Search your flights in Incognito Mode

You should keep your flight searches top secret and so use incognito mode on your web browser before you make bookings. You often see flight prices getting high after checking so many times. It happens due to cookies which get saved in your browser and your searches can be now tracked and hence modified for their profits for those certain dates. Just use incognito mode every time to find the lowest prices of flights.

  1. Book Early or when it is Cheapest

Try to book your flights earliest as possible which will give you extremely great benefits on the price. Also, look for the cheapest days to book flights. You need to identify those days when the cost of certain flights are minimum.

  1. Compare on different flight booking websites

Choose the best and reliable websites like to book flights or even search for. The next smart move is to compare the prices of flights on different flight booking websites and go for the cheapest. You must select few popular and some other news flight booking websites to your bookmark.

  1. Use flight fare comparison websites

There are different flight fare comparison websites where you can compare the fare prices of flights of different airlines on respective date, time and destinations. The best idea is to consider the whole month for booking for your flights and go for the cheapest day instead of looking for a fixed date.

  1. Try new airlines, look for cheaper ones

Try to ditch the usual popular airlines sometime and find the competitors to go for the cheapest fare available. Competition in airline industry is generating more offers and low cost fares to choose. Try new flights while your return and other things like timing and all are not the concern.

  1. Avoid Weekends for flight bookings

It is a very simple rule that you should try to avoid the weekends for flight bookings as these two days are the default expensive days for flying anywhere. Usually the price of flights goes high from Friday and keeps raising upto Sunday. So it is better to avoid weekends and go for days like Monday to Thursday.

  1. Trust Airline official websites to book

There are lot of airline ticketing websites to book your flights but no matter how much the offer or discount they claim, they tell you the overpriced fares. So the safe bet is to go for the official flight booking websites of that airline to book flight tickets. You will surely save a significant amount of money there.

Waitangi, NZ

Exploring Waitangi, NZ

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One of the top reasons travelers take to the road for motorhome hire new zealand journeys is to learn about the rich cultural history of this amazing country, and there is no better place to do this than in historic Waitangi. Here you will find the grounds for the original signing of the treaty that gave New Zealand its start, plus the meeting house where the deal was discussed and negotiated. There are a great many exhibitions in the immediate area that will provide all the knowledge you need to understand how New Zealand as we know it came to be. You will also be able to get a feel for what this land was like back in the 1800s and can mentally transport yourself back to that time while exploring these historic grounds. There is just so much information to digest here that you will want to give yourself enough time to truly take it all in.

Don’t Overlook The Flagstaff

One of the biggest mistakes travelers make when visiting this area is to skip The Flagstaff. This is a huge mistake since this marks the exact spot where the treaty was signed. This building has been erected on that spot and contains a large amount of information and memorabilia, plus boasts the famous four flags where the British Union, Maori Tribes, New Zealand Ensign, and New Zealand fly proudly on the space where the treaty was originally signed. If you love New Zealand and in the process of learning about its storied history, then make sure not to miss this spot where the famous treaty was signed to bring it into existence.

Don’t Miss The Treaty Grounds

No trip through the Bay Of Islands is complete without a stop at the Treaty Grounds. This historic location is so significant that it has its own holiday, known as Waitangi Day. This location is only a short, five year drive from Paihia and is set at a coastal location that will take your breath away when you see it. This is a wonderful place to experience the rich cultural history of New Zealand and of the original settlers of the land. Adventuring is all about having a great time, for sure, but it is also about learning and you will definitely be able to get in a lot of knowledge when you visit the Treaty Grounds. After all, you’ve been enjoying New Zealand on your trip, so you may as well learn about its incredibly rich and colorful history.

Don’t Miss The Treaty House

Skipping the Treaty House would be an absolute mistake for any Waitangi visit. This was the base of the British government in New Zealand from 1833 until 1840. All of the business in the country was run right from the front parlor, and you can stand in this parlor yourself on a tour of the Treaty House. There is truly no better place to learn about British colonization than here at the Treaty House, which has been fully refurbished to resemble the exact interior that it had in the 1800s, which will give you a good feel for what it was like to work here at that time. This is a historic activity to partake in and visit, and you will come out with much more knowledge than when you went in. If learning is what you’re after on your motorhome hire new zealand journey then make sure not to miss this one.

Don’t Forget About The Meeting House

This house symbolizes the partnership between the British Crown and the native Maori people and is a stunning structure with traditional Maori architecture. The power of the Maori culture is on full display here with the magnificent structure built out of pristinely carved wood. This structure was so lovingly created that you can’t help but be inspired just to walk into it, making this an absolute must do when you’re in the region. You can spend hours just picking out the incredible details in the carvings on the walls and pillars. There are also many Maori performances that take place here almost every day, so you may even be treated to a cultural performance during your visit.

If you want to utilize your motorhome hire new zealand journey to learn about the intriguing history of New Zealand, then a stop in Waitangi for an informative stay. Here you can not only learn about the origins of modern day New Zealand but you can stand right where they happened and explore the history through a combination of exploring and exhibits. No matter your comprehension level of the country’s history, you will leave here with a deep knowledge as long as you take the time to absorb it all. For an invigorating and educational stay, look no further than Waitangi.

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The Many Faces of a Coach Operator

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There are many reasons why people might wish to hire a coach, which means the coach operator has an extensive list of services they can provide both the private and the business client. Their range of services would include the following:

  • Weddings, Stag & Hen Nights – There’s no better way to arrange a wedding reception that hiring a coach for all the guests. Simply inform the guests of the central pick up point, where everyone can meet and then travel in style. With affordable coach hire in Birmingham, stag and hen nights allow everyone to drink, and with no worries over parking, you can continue the party on the way home.
  • Major Sporting Events – If you have never experienced The Grand National at Aintree, or The Derby at Epsom, hiring a coach is the ideal solution. They would include all admission prices, and without having to drive home, you can really celebrate when your horse wins!
  • Commercial Transport – Ferrying factory workers to and from work is a major part of the coach operator’s business, and if a company wishes to thank their staff by taking them out for day, the coach hire company is the ideal choice.
  • School Field Trips – Every school includes field trips in their curriculum, and whether a single class or a complete year, the coach operator handles the transportation with ease. It might be a day at a London Museum, or a nature hike through the forest, which is something your local coach operator would gladly undertake.

Talk to your local coach provider should you ever require group travel and you might be surprised at what they have to offer.


How to best enjoy Russia!

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There are a lot of people that visit European countries when they want to enjoy their life and have fun. Travelling is a great way to unwind and have fun after spending all your time working or doing all the serious things that your life is involved in.Although, there are a lot of people that would love to go on a trip anywhere in the world, they just cannot seem to find the right time to do so, because there is always something because of which they have to delay their trip.

One of the major reasons why a lot of people keep on delaying their plans to travel is because they think that it will be too expensive for them to travel, so they always wait to gather the right amount of money. Just because of this reason and maybe also because of the busy schedule, they never seem to commit to their travelling plans. However, if you really do your research, there are always cheaper alternatives you can look into when you plan to travel to some place.

One of those places that you must visit at least once in your life is Russia.Not many people think of Russia as the place where they will be spending their vacations and have a lot of fun because they do not know what to do in Russia. What you probably do not know is that you can go on expeditions Cruises and discover a lot of different things to do in Russia if you just visit this site right can cruise to the north pole which is a world of ice and snow white gigantic icebergs, and really beautiful volcanic mountains which are a breathtaking sight.

You can also visit the arctic and see the polar bears playing around on the ice and snow. Also, while you are cruising to the north, there are high chances that you will be seeing whales as well and you will be mesmerized by the ice breaking capabilities of your ship. The polar bears also visit your ship so you can actually get a really close look at them and the journey to the north and the arctic will be the most fun part of your voyage.

You can contact the different tourism companies and get in touch with them if you want to really enjoy your time in Russia. There are quite a lot of different packages you can choose from. There will be travel deals where you can cruise to the northand after walking on frozen ice and enjoying the voyage you will head to the south to enjoy the remaining of your tour. Also, the colonies of birds and other nature beauties, you can get an experience of the Russian city life, Etc.All in all, the different expeditions that you go on in Russia will mesmerize you and you will have to come back to Russia again to experience more undiscovered things.

H4 Visas for Dependents of H1 Visa and the Benefits They Provide
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This is an update about EAD for H4 holders. These H4 Visas are given to those people who are supported the H1 Visa Holders. Their dependents are mostly family membersas well as of spouses of H1 Visa Holders. The ‘Department of Homeland Security’ had updated what is published on the “H4 Employment Authorization”documentation. The dependents of these H1 Visa Holders are not allowable for work if an US citizen can benefit from this position and they will be hired instead of the H4 Visa Holder.

Final decision:

The decision that is made on work of these H4 Visa holders will be publicised at the beginning of 2019 and prior to this, public opinions will be taken into consideration. The H4 Visa holders can apply for Employment Authorization Department (EAD) only when their spouses fulfil the following requirements:

  • Their H4 Visa needs to be valid for up to the current year
  • Their H4 Visa must be extended past the 6-year period

H4 EAD Benefits:

Beside the benefit of work, more benefits are added to the H4 Visa Holders and with the Employment Authority Department. These benefits:

  • Social security number will be assigned
  • There are also no restrictions for employment
  • No Minimum wage scales

Processing Time:

If the H4 Visa holders are joining a company for work and the Employment Authorization Document changes have been made, it might be needed and the Visa holder might need to know how long the processing time and need to have the answer, there it’s no fixed time. It is totally dependent on the official’s centre. 90 days of time is estimated by officials of the service centre for the Visa holders from the date of submitting all documents, but it really is dependent on the speed of the work.

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Enjoy the Sights and Sounds of Portugal as Part of Wine Tours Lisbon

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Portugal is an important place in the European Union. It is admired for its beauty, its culture, its food as well as wine. If you want to visit the country, enjoy its food, wine and at the same time exploring its history and culture then book with the Lisbon tours Lisbon. Lisbon is a place which is filled with modern eateries, cafes as well as fresh local markets. If you are a food tourist and want to enjoy the local food, engage in sightseeing activities then you require using the services of English speaking guides as they help you to enjoy the tour well. The tourists visiting Portugal don’t want to miss the Portuguese wine culture.

Avail Upgraded Food Package as Part of Wine Tours Lisbon

In this context, it is relevant to say that Portugal is much acclaimed for its wine. There are places like the Azores which are considered to have ideal climatic conditions to produce wine. The tourists visiting the country can relish the food and wine of the country. There is available an upgraded food package which the tourists of Wine Tours Lisbon require to purchase in addition to the wine tour. For additional information about the food and wine tours Lisbon, visit the website of the wine tours Lisbon. However, in this respect, it is important to understand that the legal drinking age in Lisbon is 18 years and so it is not advised to take lids, underage to the wine tours Lisbon. Besides good food tours and wine tours Lisbon, the members of the food tours can also enjoy the history as well as the culture of Lisbon.

The secret food tours organize tours to various parts of the world. Interested individuals can book tours online; they can check the FAQs to know more about the tours. The prospective tourists can also use the business contact information to know more about the tours.

Melbourne Food
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Melbourne Food Tours Help the Tourists to Explore Melbourne, its Food, and Culture

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If you are a food lover then you can visit different places across the world, enjoying the food and drinks as well as exploring the tradition and culture of those places. Among the many places in the world, Melbourne is one of the important tourist attractions. It is very much multicultural in its customers, traditions, festivals, and food. If you visit Melbourne as part of the Melbourne Food Tours then you can enjoy the delicious food of Melbourne. You can also enjoy tasty Irish, Japanese, Turkish, Vietnamese cuisines.

Visit and Explore Melbourne Using the Melbourne Food Tours

If you are part of the Melbourne food tours then you can experience the delicious and tasty cuisines, you can be a part of the culture of Melbourne. You can also visit important tourist attractions in and around Melbourne. You can visit and explore the iconic St. Kilda and spend some quality time with your family or friends.

Food and Drinks Package in Melbourne

The Melbourne Food Tours not just give the members of secret food tours the option to enjoy the delicious and tasty food of that place but also gives the members an opportunity to avail and relish the updated drinks package. In this context, it is important to say that you require to be 18 years or older than that and have to carry a valid ID card in order to avail the updated drinks package. For more information about the drinks that are served as part of Melbourne Food Tours visit the website of secret food tours.

If you are part of the Melbourne Food Tours then you can embark on a three-hour tour and can choose the services of a professional guide. You can try the food, desserts, and snacks in Melbourne. You can visit places like the historic St. Kilda with your family or friends. The Melbourne Food Tours is ideal for food lovers as it helps them to get a taste of diverse cuisines of Melbourne as well as enjoy the history and culture of the place.

Foreign Trip

Five Easy Steps on How to Plan Your First Foreign Trip

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Are you tired of your monotonous day to day life? Do you need a break from everything? Traveling is the best way to escape from the sordid world of reality to the land of fancy at least for some days. A holiday trip can refresh your mind and body. If you have a busy work schedule, you may find it difficult to spend quality time with your family and dear ones. A family holiday trip will provide you with a wide scope to strengthen your bonding with your family.

So, finally, you have made up your mind to explore foreign nations for the first time. Well, that’s a great news. This will bring you the best opportunity to introduce yourself to a new culture and new people. The key to a successful trip is proper planning. In the following write up, I have given some of the best steps on how to plan your first trip to a foreign country. Check these out now.

  1. Pay Attention To Your Health

When it comes to a foreign trip, security and health matter the most. Before visiting the abroad nations, make sure that you have all the vaccinations that you need the most. Consult with your doctor and go through a thorough health check-up to stay healthy and fit.

  1. Security Matters

Paying attention to security is also quite necessary. Arrange your passport and visa before proceeding further. You may find yourself in a situation when your passport may get stolen. So, prepare for such unwanted situations. For extra backup, you may leave a copy of your passport home or with your dear ones. You can also make an electronic copy and keep it in your email account if you want to be on the safe side. For an extra level of security, do not forget to register with your embassy.

  1. Conduct Thorough Research

For a memorable travel experience, you need to conduct thorough research on the place; you are going to travel, the local people, the culture and more. This will help you to know what you can expect from the trip. While researching, you may take the help of professional tour guides who have wide knowledge and years of experience, make a list of travel destinations first and then proceed.

It will take a long time when you go for a foreign trip. When you are outside home, your belongings will be safe under storage facility providers. Choose a self storage in Austin or your preferred location for the safety of your belongings.

  1. Booking Accommodation

During the peak season, the shortage of accommodation is a common matter. So, it’s better to book your hotel or guest house, before you visit the place. Take the help of the experts to achieve this goal.

  1. Start Packing

This is the final step. When you are done with all the mentioned steps, now it’s time for you to start packing. Get everything that you need during the trip. Do not pack unnecessary things. While packing, you should take the following things- medicines, clothing, shoes, charger, power bank and more.

So, this is how you can plan your first trip to an abroad country. I hope, you will follow all these steps properly. You may take the help of experts for further queries.

kommetjie beach
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Why Cape Town, South Africa is the summer golden girl for international travellers

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As a local South African, you’ve got your heart set on the more ‘exotic’ Maldives for your next family holiday abroad; and find it utterly perplexing that any sensible international traveller would choose to visit South Africa during a rare and much needed break from reality.

With an array of wonderful holiday destinations beckoning from abroad you wonder what the allure of the deep south might be…

South Africa is still seen as a top luxury travel destination by upper class international markets, (particularly those of Europe and the Americas) who, come holiday season, flock to our oasis in droves.

Lusting after exclusive experience, luxury accommodation and the remotest of locales, the internationals, yearning for quantity of quality, find themselves astounded by South Africa’s thriving travel, tourism and hospitality industries.

Here are a few reasons why:

The Exchange Rate

Despite local qualms about the fall in value of the South African rand, it’s backslid bodes well for the travel and tourism sectors, bringing more delighted European travellers into South Africa by the month.

The strengths of the pound and euro afford them a new level of exclusive luxury travel, at a fraction of the cost, and allow for the purchase ‘exotic’ ‘African’ art and memorabilia under affordable duties when traveling home.


Safaris are a fundamental item on a true ‘South African’ travel itinerary and incorporate full day long game drives through the enormous national parks, with accommodation in luxury tented camps and lodges, delicious 5-star meals and guided tours spotting lions, giraffe, buck, elephants and many more incredible African animals.

We recommend the Kruger National Park in northern South Africa as well as Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape and the Royal Natal in KZN.

The Weather

Summer in South Africa erupts with brilliant clear blue skies, blossoming fynbos (local floral kingdom) dense forests, a never-ending list of adventurous outdoor tours and activities, pristine, sandy beaches and strips of cocktail bars and beach clubs where one can enjoy sundowners and light summer meals.

The heat can be taxing between December and January as temperatures rise to 40 degrees yet there is little to no humidity which plagues many South East Asian island nations. Many tourists prefer visit in the surrounding months of October, November, March and April when the temperatures are softer yet in our opinion, nothing beats the wonderful South African heatwave at Christmas and New Year.

Excellent Food and Wine

South Africa is renowned internationally for its excellent gourmet food and locally crafted wines. There are hundreds of beautiful vineyards and estates to visit in the Cape wine lands, many of which boast internationally award-winning bottles. Added to this, the culinary scene, particularly in Franschhoek, is to die for. Restaurants such as Chris Erasmus’ Foliage (experimental with an open air kitchen) in Franschhoek and Luke Dale Roberts equally ‘off the wall’ The Test Kitchen and The Pot Luck Club in central Cape Town are must visits. There’s also the more conservative, yet creme-de-la-creme, La Colombe and The Conservatory in Constantia which are hard to get a seat at during high tourist season.

Convenience and Escape

Still unconvinced? Have a look at the pictures online or better yet, visit the Kommetjie Beach Retreats website where you can browse affordable, luxury self-catering accommodation in Kommetjie, at the southernmost tip of Africa, beautifully remote yet conveniently close to all that you need while holidaying in South Africa this summer.