If you have booked a Mediterranean Cruise and you are going to spend your three-weeks holiday on a ship, you have to read this post. Most of the people that choose a cruise for spending their vacation, they miss to plan the on land excursion because they are quite sure that on board there will be a tour agency available or that the staff will give you some suggestions about where to go, and what to see. Most of the tourist do not know the distances between the ports they land and the cities of interest close to the port apart of the language and other things. When you travel, you have to follow three golden rules: first, take your time to plan your journey; second, give yourself extra-time for possible setbacks; and three, relax, also in the hard situation there is a solution. But it’s understandable that when you are on holidays, you want that everything goes fine. So, the first step is the most important. Take your time to plan your journey, especially if you are on a Cruise.

One of the most common mistakes people does when they book a Cruise it is that they do not think about the time they are going to spend when they are on land. On board everything is managed by the staff of the ship and there is no chance to get bored or to get lost. But once on land there are some problems, because of the language, because of the short time available or the mess you can expertise when travelling with children or with a big group. For this reason there are many companies that provide shore excursions services. Among all, Papillon Service is one of the best in organizing private shore excursions in Italy and a private shore excursion is the most convenient way to discover a city, without loosing time and patience. In this way you won’t worry about what to do or where to go: just check the offers online and see what you prefer. The service is perfectly organized so to make sure you will spend a good day and arrive on time to the ship to get to another city.

This is a great tour experience, where as a cruiser you will not only relax on the ship but you will get to a city full of art, romance and history. If you go To Italy, probably you will land in the beautiful port of Naples. If it is so, do not loose the chance to book a private shore excursion to Capri, for instance. Capri is an amazing little resort full of luxury and glamour where you can find some of the most elegant and famous shops of the area. Moreover, if you have time, you can visit the other two islands island of the Gulf of Naples, or to Ischia and Procida, the other two islands where you can relax and enjoy a delicious gastronomy.