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4 Different Water Sports to Enjoy on Tybee Island

Tybee Island is a beautiful barrier island located in Georgia. The beach, which has been open to the public for decades, offers a variety of water sports that make Tybee Island the ultimate adventurer’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for fast-paced water activities or are in the mood for more relaxing ones, there is something for everyone at Tybee Island.


The waters that surround Tybee Island and Little Tybee Island are home to Georgia’s coastal barrier island system. Kayaking is a fun sport that allows you to explore these waters. While kayaking, you will also get the chance to observe some of the wildlife that lives in the area, from dolphins to marsh birds. Renting a kayak is a simple and affordable option.

Another great aspect of kayaking is that you don’t need to be a very experienced kayaker to enjoy the experience. Beginners and less experienced kayakers can explore the still waters around Tybee Island and observe the wildlife without needing to paddle too far.


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Jetskiing has become one of the most in-demand water sports around the world, and Tybee island offers this as well.

Jetskiing is the perfect way to explore the waters of Tybee Island and have fun doing so. There are instructors on standby who can assist even the most inexperienced users and ensure the safest and most exciting experience possible while using the wave runners. Like kayaking, jetskiing allows you to observe the surrounding wildlife — but at a faster pace.

Both kayaking and jetskiing is extremely popular among beach-goers, and you should consider staying in a hotel near the beach to make your enjoyment of jetskiing and other water sports more convenient.

If you’re looking for adventure or visiting with younger people, then jetskiing around Tybee Island is an unmissable experience.


Paddleboarding is another way to explore the Tybee and Savannah waterways, though with a bit of a twist.

Paddleboarding involves standing or kneeling on a paddleboat and paddling to navigate yourself through the waters. Not only do you explore the waters around you, but you also get some exercise in the process.

It is an amazing group activity and is recommended if you’d like the spend a long period of time in the water. Paddleboating can be easily enjoyed by both experienced and inexperienced water sports enthusiasts.


Guaranteed to be memorable for the entire family, the sailing tours offered on Tybee Island allow people to experience the island from the comfort of a boat.

As opposed to other water sports, sailing would be especially recommended if you are visiting with infants, elderly people, or people who cannot engage in any of the other activities. Sailing will allow them to explore the island and its surroundings in comfort.

Tybee Island offers a variety of water sports, all of which grant visitors an opportunity to explore the amazing island. To make this vacation destination even better, there are activities that are suitable for people of every age, which means that the entire family will benefit.

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3 Proposals For An Interrail Express Through Europe

Buying a train ticket in Europe to simulate its legendary interrails is a pleasure we should allow ourselves at least once in our lives. Maybe because of the lack of time or the fact that it seems hard to travel hundreds of kilometers, it is not necessary to do it between 5 or 6 countries, as there are other alternatives which seem more comfortable and they also let us travel through different landscapes with a long time to spare, enjoy and palate every destination.

From this article, we offer three little routes available with a Europe train ticket booking, that will make you feel absolutely satisfied, without the need of travelling more than two or three countries – which are perfectly connected by train.

Prealpine Route

Spectacular landscapes such as Alps can be appreciated since practically every single angle – from the bottom to the top of the mountains you will be delighted.

Cities located at their bottom allow the experience of living the best of this mountain chain as a stage background and comfortable transfers without big ramps.

In this route we can start in Valence: a French monumental city considered as the gate of the Alps, and reaching the medieval charm of Strasburg with a train stop in Geneva and the swiss part of this mythic rock formation.

Once we leave behind Grenoble, another indisputable stop of this route, we can not stop looking at our right side from our seat to appreciate the majesty of Mont Blanc.

Transmediterranean route

Europa has in its Mediterranean Sea one of the best examples of diversity, not only cultural but also landscaping, without leaving indifferent any of the locations that surround it.

This route, which starts in Valencia, borders its western side until reaching Nice, allowing us to appreciate in the path treasures such as the great roman legacy of Tarragona, the exuberant mix of modernity and tradition of Barcelona, the half-blood of Marseille and the glamourous Cannes.

From the inside of these spectacular coasts we will discover the charm of Gerona, the heritage of Dali in its natal city (Figueras), the great crossroad that supposes Narbona and the monumental Montpellier.

High Rin route

Talking about Europe rivers is talking about Danube and Rin. Both stroke can be traveled by train, bordering its shoreline.

In this case we will return to the prealpine route that left us in the exuberant Strasburg to set the course through the high part of the Rin river: its first part – since its birth in the middle of the Alps until the financial heart of Europe: Frankfurt.

This route combines pure nature thanks to the Black Forest region, with culture and modernity reflected in these institutional cities.

4 countries seen comfortably from the rails of a train and with many stops that will take us to the most important and representative of the European culture. Are you still thinking that and interrail is not within your reach or that you will feel uncomfortable?

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5 Different Kinds of Shopping Found On Tybee Island

While the beach and the water activities are probably the biggest attraction of Tybee Island, there are other interesting activities that are available on the island.

One of these activities is shopping. Despite being an island, Tybee boasts a wide variety of shops you can visit. These shops range from chain stores to niche stores that sell unique items.

While you’ll want to explore the island itself, you should make it a point of duty to visit some of the shopping areas available on Tybee Island.

Beach Shops

Located close to the shore, beach shops sell everything beach-related. This includes beach essentials, souvenirs, and various gifts. These shops are impossible to miss and are your one-stop shop for everything, whether you’re in need of T-shirts, beach toys, or simply something to take home with you. They also tend to sell beach-themed accessories as well as decorations and keepsakes of all types.

Surf Shops

Tybee Island is known to attract surfers and water sports enthusiasts from all over the country and the world. Besides enjoying the actual water sports, enthusiasts can browse surf shops that cater to the needs of surfers. These stores sell surfing gear, surf memorabilia, and surf-themed souvenirs.

If you’re in need of a surfboard or simply want something to take home from your surf trip, you might want to pay a visit to one of the many surf shops on the island.

Art Shops

Tybee Island also has an abundance of art shops that feature works made by local artists. This includes paintings, decorations, and other works of art, some featuring materials from the beach such as seashells and whatnot. The art sold in these stores can be worn, used in everyday life, or displayed in your home as a reminder of your visit to Tybee Island.

Art shops are found all over the island, and if you opt for a hotel room near the beach, you should find them easily.

Beachwear Shops

Whether you’re relaxing at the beach or participating in the numerous water sports, you’ll need swimwear. Fortunately, Tybee Island has many swimwear shops that range from chain boutiques to shops owned by locals. You’ll find swimwear of all sizes, colors, and types that will serve you both during your stay at Tybee and on future trips. Along with swimwear, you’ll find bags, sandals, beach towels, and other beachwear accessories.


Tybee Island is home to various boutiques and shops that sell everything from casual clothing to shoes, bags, cosmetics, and electronics.

Besides conventional clothing stores, there are also boutiques that sell island-themed clothing. These include dresses, shoes, and bags. There are even stores that sell “fish art,” which includes dresses, shirts, and accessories that have fish motifs on them and are quite popular with locals and visitors alike.

While visiting Tybee Island, you should make time in your schedule to visit the local shops and stores. From beachwear to local artwork, you’ll find plenty of practical items to use during your stay and souvenirs to remember your trip.