It is time that you break free from the nerve-wracking buzzing of city. Just pack your bag and bid goodbye to chaos for a short time. Of course, you cannot feel tranquil, at ease and pleasant unless you are doing something extra for you. Steal some time from your life and experience thrill through trekking endeavours.

You can easily carry out Trekking in Bangalore once you have knowledge about the spots. You can even become a part of trekking groups that go on exciting trekking endeavours. Below are some popular trekking destinations. Have a look and pack your bags for your next trekking visit.

Ramadevara Betta

This trekking path in Ramnagar is located at a distance of nearly fifty kilometres. It is one of the most cherished trails for the individuals who love trekking, rappelling and rock climbing. Once you reach at the place of the base of trekking, climb the stairs that are nearly 300 in number. Once you have crossed these stairs, you are going to reach the temple. You can easily climb ahead from there. There is a gorgeous and thrilling trek to reach to top. The Sholay spot is definitely going to win yourspirits and give you anadventurous and thrilling experience.

Karighatta Trek

Karighatta Trek is an amazing trekking spot and it is situated hundred kilometres from Bangalore. It is one of the most ideal destinations for traveling enthusiasts and trekking buffs. Karighatta hill is spotted at an altitude of around 2,697 feet. You can have a thrilling time during a trekking trip to this beautiful destination. In just a one weekend, you can explore so much of adventure and thrill through this spot.


Talking about Anthargange, it is located at a distance of around one hour drive from Bangalore. This short and pleasurable trek can instantly fulfil your adventurous needs.  TheAnthargange trek is one of the highest sought after trek near Bangalore. The trek is a mix of trekking and cave exploration that drives the thrilling factor. Anthargange hill is completely filled with boulders. The area is situated at a distance of around 65km from Bangalore.  This hill is at a height of around 1712m above the sea level. Be it experts or neophytes, trekking here is going to give you so much of thrill and adventure. This trek is of around three kilometres and has everything from adventure to beauty!

Bheemeshwari Trek

Bheemeshwari is a spot that is surrounded by stunning valleys. A number of rolling rivers and streams here lattice the undulating terrain. The encircling forest area has a large number of Indian Wildlife Species. When you are on your trekking endeavours, you might also get to see deer on your path.  The exciting factor about this place is that there are numerous wildlife trekking tracks present for both professionals and beginners. Thelevel of difficulty here depends on distance from 4 kilometres to 30 kilometres. So, whether you pick easy trek or the difficult one; trekking experience is going to be filled in adventure and charm.


So, go ahead and find out the trekking spots in Bangalore for your pleasure and adventure!