One of the top reasons travelers take to the road for motorhome hire new zealand journeys is to learn about the rich cultural history of this amazing country, and there is no better place to do this than in historic Waitangi. Here you will find the grounds for the original signing of the treaty that gave New Zealand its start, plus the meeting house where the deal was discussed and negotiated. There are a great many exhibitions in the immediate area that will provide all the knowledge you need to understand how New Zealand as we know it came to be. You will also be able to get a feel for what this land was like back in the 1800s and can mentally transport yourself back to that time while exploring these historic grounds. There is just so much information to digest here that you will want to give yourself enough time to truly take it all in.

Don’t Overlook The Flagstaff

One of the biggest mistakes travelers make when visiting this area is to skip The Flagstaff. This is a huge mistake since this marks the exact spot where the treaty was signed. This building has been erected on that spot and contains a large amount of information and memorabilia, plus boasts the famous four flags where the British Union, Maori Tribes, New Zealand Ensign, and New Zealand fly proudly on the space where the treaty was originally signed. If you love New Zealand and in the process of learning about its storied history, then make sure not to miss this spot where the famous treaty was signed to bring it into existence.

Don’t Miss The Treaty Grounds

No trip through the Bay Of Islands is complete without a stop at the Treaty Grounds. This historic location is so significant that it has its own holiday, known as Waitangi Day. This location is only a short, five year drive from Paihia and is set at a coastal location that will take your breath away when you see it. This is a wonderful place to experience the rich cultural history of New Zealand and of the original settlers of the land. Adventuring is all about having a great time, for sure, but it is also about learning and you will definitely be able to get in a lot of knowledge when you visit the Treaty Grounds. After all, you’ve been enjoying New Zealand on your trip, so you may as well learn about its incredibly rich and colorful history.

Don’t Miss The Treaty House

Skipping the Treaty House would be an absolute mistake for any Waitangi visit. This was the base of the British government in New Zealand from 1833 until 1840. All of the business in the country was run right from the front parlor, and you can stand in this parlor yourself on a tour of the Treaty House. There is truly no better place to learn about British colonization than here at the Treaty House, which has been fully refurbished to resemble the exact interior that it had in the 1800s, which will give you a good feel for what it was like to work here at that time. This is a historic activity to partake in and visit, and you will come out with much more knowledge than when you went in. If learning is what you’re after on your motorhome hire new zealand journey then make sure not to miss this one.

Don’t Forget About The Meeting House

This house symbolizes the partnership between the British Crown and the native Maori people and is a stunning structure with traditional Maori architecture. The power of the Maori culture is on full display here with the magnificent structure built out of pristinely carved wood. This structure was so lovingly created that you can’t help but be inspired just to walk into it, making this an absolute must do when you’re in the region. You can spend hours just picking out the incredible details in the carvings on the walls and pillars. There are also many Maori performances that take place here almost every day, so you may even be treated to a cultural performance during your visit.

If you want to utilize your motorhome hire new zealand journey to learn about the intriguing history of New Zealand, then a stop in Waitangi for an informative stay. Here you can not only learn about the origins of modern day New Zealand but you can stand right where they happened and explore the history through a combination of exploring and exhibits. No matter your comprehension level of the country’s history, you will leave here with a deep knowledge as long as you take the time to absorb it all. For an invigorating and educational stay, look no further than Waitangi.