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Hire the Cannes Yacht Rentals & Enjoy Luxury Vacations Down the Memory Lane

Traveling is a passion and visiting those wonders of the world is like a dream come true for those who love to travel. However, those who have already had some trips around the world believe the French Riviera region is indeed a treat to watch and with such diversity, the place offers to increase the interest among travelers to book for the Cannes Yacht Rentals.

Be it a one-day boat rental that you are looking for, or a corporate event that you might want to launch at these luxurious yachts, or may be for a family gathering, there are several such service providers who have got yachts listed. But what should be planned down the line to do on the Cannes yacht charters?

La Croisette and A Wonderful Imagery of the Beauty

For almost a stretch of 2 kilometers across the seafront, La Croisette has been a central landmark at Cannes. There is a wide pathway for the pedestrians and it follows the sandy beaches from the yachts. With vast stretches of romantic beauty, and clear sky at the horizon, what else can you expect from Croisette at the Bay of Cannes? If you’re a shopaholic, there’s some bonus for you as well, because some of the finest collection of designer boutiques are line up at the La Croisette area.

Lerins Island- A Destination You Can’t-Miss

Made of a group of four islands, the Lerins Island sits just off the Cannes, and not a single yacht charter misses the opportunity to anchor at this region. For how long can you like the din and bustle of the city life? This place with its serenity and tranquil nature will let you relax amidst the cool breeze. Even the place has its historical significance as well, standing alone as the epitome of defense from the foreign attacks. As far as entertainment is concerned, there is a surprise waiting for you. The annual summer firework display at the Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique makes Lerins Island the hot favorite in Cannes.

There’s enough scope for you to enjoy some private lonely time with your family members as well. There are huge numbers of both private and public beaches, along with the entire stretch and it welcomes guests with all warmth. From the aerial viewpoint, all these beaches might look like dots, but when went deep down, you will be amazed at the luxury palace hotels to serve you the service that you expect.

Each and every private beach are well serviced with finger licking food and beverages, and they ensure you to have the best time of your life. What’s the point living a long boring life with nothing charming to attract? These yacht charter services allow you to venture the unventured areas and soak into the happiness never experienced before.

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5 Different Kinds of Shopping Found On Tybee Island

While the beach and the water activities are probably the biggest attraction of Tybee Island, there are other interesting activities that are available on the island.

One of these activities is shopping. Despite being an island, Tybee boasts a wide variety of shops you can visit. These shops range from chain stores to niche stores that sell unique items.

While you’ll want to explore the island itself, you should make it a point of duty to visit some of the shopping areas available on Tybee Island.

Beach Shops

Located close to the shore, beach shops sell everything beach-related. This includes beach essentials, souvenirs, and various gifts. These shops are impossible to miss and are your one-stop shop for everything, whether you’re in need of T-shirts, beach toys, or simply something to take home with you. They also tend to sell beach-themed accessories as well as decorations and keepsakes of all types.

Surf Shops

Tybee Island is known to attract surfers and water sports enthusiasts from all over the country and the world. Besides enjoying the actual water sports, enthusiasts can browse surf shops that cater to the needs of surfers. These stores sell surfing gear, surf memorabilia, and surf-themed souvenirs.

If you’re in need of a surfboard or simply want something to take home from your surf trip, you might want to pay a visit to one of the many surf shops on the island.

Art Shops

Tybee Island also has an abundance of art shops that feature works made by local artists. This includes paintings, decorations, and other works of art, some featuring materials from the beach such as seashells and whatnot. The art sold in these stores can be worn, used in everyday life, or displayed in your home as a reminder of your visit to Tybee Island.

Art shops are found all over the island, and if you opt for a hotel room near the beach, you should find them easily.

Beachwear Shops

Whether you’re relaxing at the beach or participating in the numerous water sports, you’ll need swimwear. Fortunately, Tybee Island has many swimwear shops that range from chain boutiques to shops owned by locals. You’ll find swimwear of all sizes, colors, and types that will serve you both during your stay at Tybee and on future trips. Along with swimwear, you’ll find bags, sandals, beach towels, and other beachwear accessories.


Tybee Island is home to various boutiques and shops that sell everything from casual clothing to shoes, bags, cosmetics, and electronics.

Besides conventional clothing stores, there are also boutiques that sell island-themed clothing. These include dresses, shoes, and bags. There are even stores that sell “fish art,” which includes dresses, shirts, and accessories that have fish motifs on them and are quite popular with locals and visitors alike.

While visiting Tybee Island, you should make time in your schedule to visit the local shops and stores. From beachwear to local artwork, you’ll find plenty of practical items to use during your stay and souvenirs to remember your trip.

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Looking For The Best Holiday Apartments In Barcelona For An Amazing City Break

Barcelona is an incredible place to escape at any time of the year. The place is just a hop and a skip away, there are literally tons of cheap flights landing there each day. So what it really is that makes this city an amazing destination for city breaks? Monocle – a London based Magazine states that Barcelona is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It is a hip and hop city with a thriving nightlife and numerous other attractions while you prefer to disconnect. It has got the best of all worlds, the Mediterranean beaches, city life and a great access to the countryside of Catalonia.

Barcelona has a lot to offer for swanky and actual holiday homes and apartment rentals if you are looking for a little touch of pizzazz. So, whether you are there to roam around the Gothic Quarter or La Ramblas, or soak up the Art Nouveau architecture, Medieval and Roman history, take in some alternative music, or discover some of the incredible creations of Antonio Gaudí and his unfinished Sagrada Familia, or in search for a romantic stroll around the famous Park Guell, below are some exclusive holiday homes for an absolute city break in Barcelona.

Holiday Home of the stars – Finding Holiday Apartments In Fabregas

If you prefer to splash out on a holiday with a group of friends, then this 6-bedroom luxury apartment perhaps be the best thing. Built in the year 1919, this spectacular apartment in the Eixample district in the center of Barcelona is one of the holiday homes of the stars: Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford chose it when they visited Barcelona. Spacious, elegant and tasteful, it is just perfect for dining and wining, and is merely minutes away from Les Rambles.

Finding A Gothic-style Holiday Home – Art Nouveau Apartment in Barcelona

Where you stay in Barcelona can influence your entire holiday experience and this amazing apartment is just perfect if you intend to step into a different era and live Barcelona in style. Not just is it slap-bang in the center of the Gothic Quarter, with its restaurants, cafes, and boutiques, but this 3-bedroom apartment in Barcelona is original, spacious and filled with antique artwork.

Sagrada Familia apartments in Barcelona – The Modern Apartment

If you are considering something on the more economical end of the spectrum, you can look out for Sagrada Familia apartments in Barcelona. The apartments are modern and spacious with 3-bedrooms. With buckets of natural light and high ceilings, the apartments have been immaculately designed with exposed brick features. This makes for an incredible holiday home that completely embraces the significance of location and is just perfect if you are a Gaudi fan considering visiting the Sagrada Familia, which is just a five-minute walk away.