Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is bordered by the west and south of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s an excellent place for any fishing enthusiast to enjoy all types of catches, whether fishing on the lake or rivers of Portugal. The country has something for everyone in the over 250 rivers and 65 lakes it offers, including the Atlantic Ocean. There are also the onshore and deep-sea coastal waters where you can go fishing. Owing to the many waters of all kinds that you can go fishing, competitions for men and women are popular throughout the year, together with significant fishing festivals.

What you should know when fishing in Portugal


Before you book a trip to this great country, you’ll need a fishing license and, often, more than one. But the good thing is that you can fish anytime, day or night.

For the license, children below the age of fourteen are exempted. As long as they’re accompanied by adults who have the license, they won’t need any. You might need several types of these licenses: Sports for sea fishing and inland water license when fishing in lakes and rivers. The national license allows you to fish anywhere in the country where fishing isn’t restricted. You could also get a regional license allowing you to fish in the country’s south, north, and center.

Special license for visiting anglers without residency permits is also part of the permits you need when traveling to this great country for fishing. The Ministry of Agriculture and fisheries is responsible for issuing permits, but the National forestry Authority manages the inland permits.

Fishing types in Portugal

Are you a fan of big game fishing? Then Madeira and Azores are two great fishing spots you should try when fishing in Lisbon. Algarve is also fabulous, and here you can enjoy big catches like the sharks. When the water temperature rises, you’ll also get some Marlins in Algarve.

The five types of fishing in the coastal waters are; beach casting targeting sea mullet, red mullet, and the sole in areas like San Antonio, Lagos, Alentejo Coast, and Faro.

Inshore fishing is common along the coast. Underwater fishing is popular along with Berlenga Islands, Sesimbra, and deep-sea fishing for the big catch like the shark is common in Nazare, Sines, and such areas.

Best Tackle for Portugal fishing

Do you enjoy fishing for carp? Then you can try all types of rods like bite alarms, reels, and tackle. You can also use a light rod for bass with spinning lures for the bait. Load your reel and let it dance against the tides to attract as many bites as possible. That enhances your chances of getting a big catch.

Freshwater fishing in Lisbon

If you’re interested in freshwater fishing in Portugal, your license will allow a maximum of two rods each.

Some places you can go for freshwater fishing are Ocreza Rivers near Pracaa, River Sado, and Alcacovas River and Chaparro lakes, among others.

While in Portugal, you will enjoy all manner of fishing and a variety of fish available on freshwater and deep-sea fishing. You can enjoy big catches like the Tuna and the shark in the deep sea while the smaller fish are available in the shallow coastal waters. With a reliable charter, you’ll enjoy a variety of fishing in Lisbon, Portugal.