Being the prosperous large city in Switzerland – Zurich is one of the best places to live in the world. The city has places with artistic charm, effervescence, innovative architectures, iconic churches, and mesmerizing sceneries of nature. The city embraces the hustle of the dynamic world along with the much-needed serenity. It is often mistaken as the capital city of Switzerland given the popularity and the beauty it holds. The city tops the charts in providing good quality of life to the citizens with its modern and cosmopolitan stance. It has pleasant and busy neighbourhoods, the renowned university for arts, a place that brings mouth-watering culinary artwork, one of the most interesting facades to watch is the St Peter’s Church with a clock having dials of 8.64m, it is a major landmark and remains as Europe’s largest church clock. Visit the amazing city with Cathay Pacific to indulge in great music, food, attractions, and more.

Best food to try out

 Cheese fondue

 If you are a cheese lover, you must try out this tasty cheesy dish, it has a mix of cheeses mainly Gruyère or Emmental and an assortment of vegetables and ingredients as per choice including different herbs, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc. The cheese fondue was first made in Zurich therefore it is a must-try. It is plated with bread and delightful white wine.


A famous dish explored by the Swiss-German cantons is the fried potato pancake. The dish is filling and yummy too with coarsely grated potatoes fried in oil or butter in a pan until it has a golden brown crispy crust on the outside but with melting soft potatoes inside, it is served with a variety of sausages and meat. It is cut into wedges and served with egg and salad.

Zurcher Geschnetzeltes

It is a difficult name to pronounce but has a tasty list of ingredients with veal, mushrooms, and onions, and cream this quintessential dish is served with rice and noodles.

Party hard at night clubs: Zurich is a place where you can unwind with great music.

 Kaufleuten, Pelikanplatz

You can dance your night out with different types of music that blow your mind. The nightclub is vibrant and a host for the best DJ’s and musicians. With loud music, this place makes everyone groove to the music. It also hosts many concerts all in all it is a perfect place with drinks, food, and great music.

Blok, Schiffbaustrasse

A lovely nightclub that offers electro music to young the hearts. It is a must-visit place as it has music that stops the time for a while, it has no rules, no dress codes, and therefore, the party lovers flock here always. Though it offers great music and a place to enjoy your heart out it is not overly priced. Other night clubs to visit are Mascotte, Theaterstrasse 10, Supermarket, Geroldstrasse 17, Club Bellevue, Rämistrasse, etc.

Shopping is an ecstasy in Zurich you find amazing products from clothing’s, to footwear and electronics. Some of the famous places to get great stuff are Seefeld, Bahnhofstrasse , Niederdorf, Kreis District 4&5, and Weekly markets