As a local South African, you’ve got your heart set on the more ‘exotic’ Maldives for your next family holiday abroad; and find it utterly perplexing that any sensible international traveller would choose to visit South Africa during a rare and much needed break from reality.

With an array of wonderful holiday destinations beckoning from abroad you wonder what the allure of the deep south might be…

South Africa is still seen as a top luxury travel destination by upper class international markets, (particularly those of Europe and the Americas) who, come holiday season, flock to our oasis in droves.

Lusting after exclusive experience, luxury accommodation and the remotest of locales, the internationals, yearning for quantity of quality, find themselves astounded by South Africa’s thriving travel, tourism and hospitality industries.

Here are a few reasons why:

The Exchange Rate

Despite local qualms about the fall in value of the South African rand, it’s backslid bodes well for the travel and tourism sectors, bringing more delighted European travellers into South Africa by the month.

The strengths of the pound and euro afford them a new level of exclusive luxury travel, at a fraction of the cost, and allow for the purchase ‘exotic’ ‘African’ art and memorabilia under affordable duties when traveling home.


Safaris are a fundamental item on a true ‘South African’ travel itinerary and incorporate full day long game drives through the enormous national parks, with accommodation in luxury tented camps and lodges, delicious 5-star meals and guided tours spotting lions, giraffe, buck, elephants and many more incredible African animals.

We recommend the Kruger National Park in northern South Africa as well as Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape and the Royal Natal in KZN.

The Weather

Summer in South Africa erupts with brilliant clear blue skies, blossoming fynbos (local floral kingdom) dense forests, a never-ending list of adventurous outdoor tours and activities, pristine, sandy beaches and strips of cocktail bars and beach clubs where one can enjoy sundowners and light summer meals.

The heat can be taxing between December and January as temperatures rise to 40 degrees yet there is little to no humidity which plagues many South East Asian island nations. Many tourists prefer visit in the surrounding months of October, November, March and April when the temperatures are softer yet in our opinion, nothing beats the wonderful South African heatwave at Christmas and New Year.

Excellent Food and Wine

South Africa is renowned internationally for its excellent gourmet food and locally crafted wines. There are hundreds of beautiful vineyards and estates to visit in the Cape wine lands, many of which boast internationally award-winning bottles. Added to this, the culinary scene, particularly in Franschhoek, is to die for. Restaurants such as Chris Erasmus’ Foliage (experimental with an open air kitchen) in Franschhoek and Luke Dale Roberts equally ‘off the wall’ The Test Kitchen and The Pot Luck Club in central Cape Town are must visits. There’s also the more conservative, yet creme-de-la-creme, La Colombe and The Conservatory in Constantia which are hard to get a seat at during high tourist season.

Convenience and Escape

Still unconvinced? Have a look at the pictures online or better yet, visit the Kommetjie Beach Retreats website where you can browse affordable, luxury self-catering accommodation in Kommetjie, at the southernmost tip of Africa, beautifully remote yet conveniently close to all that you need while holidaying in South Africa this summer.