Melbourne is home to one of the 4 Grand Slam tennis tournaments and is also a part of the Formula 1 calendar. You would not be wrong to assume it has a lot of significance for sporting events. If you follow cricket, then there is the Boxing Day cricket test, a 5-day event that starts at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). But if you are traveling from the US or the Continent, then you should first know that Australia follows a weather pattern that is quite opposite of that obtained elsewhere. The months December and January are the summer months here and the outside temperature can hit the 40’ in terms of Celsius (above 100° F). So, you must decide when you are planning on the trip.

Food Capital of Australia, if not the World Melbourne is considered by many as the culinary capital of the country and can compete with the best in the world. It has won many awards also in this category. Even the local Australians enjoy these occasions and try every possible cuisine offered to them. You can try the Chinese, Thai and even Indian food at the many restaurants that dot the main business district aptly named CBD. You could actually have a few drinks in one of the noisy sports bars where a game of football or the Australian footie might be telecast, and then finish your dinner and reach the casino Crown not far from these spots.

Shopping and Other Attractions

The Australian Dollar is cheaper than the US dollar and Euro, and therefore if you go around shopping in any of the vast malls in the different suburbs, you buy a lot more. Those interested in nature and environment will also have much to enjoy with Australia leading the way in preserving and showcasing most of the oceanic resources of flora and fauna, and friendly wild sea animals and birds.

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