Swimming with sharks is often considered an act of stupidity. But if you get past the thick skin and deadly teeth and get close with the deadly but calm creature you can have a thrilling life remembering the experience. Here are the top 10 places to do that.

1. Maaya Thila, Maldives

The fascinating dive site of Maaya Thila, Maldives attracts most of the beginner as well as expert divers. The beautiful wonder of nature is home to not only sharks but countless marine life including octopuses, fishes, eels, and much more. Grey reef sharks and small white tips are the most common.

2. Beqa Lagoon, Fiji

The edge of Beqa lagoon is home to 6+ shark species and much more marine animals. The species include bull sharks, tiger sharks, Silvertips and gray reefs, giant groupers, and Eagle rays. If you are a shark fanatic then visiting Beqa lagoon is a must for you. Beqa Lagoon is also famous as a diver’s paradise.

3. Cat Island Bahamas

Next up on the list, we have Cat Island, Bahamas. These waters have steep drop-offs, reefs, and uneven walls. The natural topography is at its best at Cat Island. There’s a definite chance of diver’s encounter with white tip sharks, tiger sharks, and lemon sharks. Cat islands are a prime destination for experienced divers.

4. Guadalupe, Mexico

If you’re not that much of a diver and want to experience being close to sharks, Guadalupe is the place you’re looking for. Many dive shops here offer cage diving which is often rare in popular places. Cage diving is more of a personal experience with the sharks. Guadalupe is home to great white sharks.

5. Tiger Beach Bahamas

In the shark diving world, the Bahamas is the capital. Tiger Beach in the Bahamas is home to Tiger sharks. Shark lovers mention Tiger beach as the prime location to experience diving with tiger sharks. 16-foot predators live in shallow waters so diving instructors often use bait to attract them close.

6. Cocos Island, Costa Rica

One of the most thrilling locations on the list, Coco Island is no ordinary location. The site for the movie “Jurassic Park” thrill-seeking divers are often attracted to this place. You arrive at the site after a 32-hour cruise and experience swimming close-up with hammerheads, white tip sharks, mantas, and whale sharks. However, you need an advanced diver certificate to legally dive into the waters of Cocos Island.

7. Moorea, French Polynesia

The French Polynesian waters are home to a variety of species of sharks. The major categories include blacktip reef sharks and hammerheads. These waters are famous for their non-aggressive sharks until provoked. Shark diving agency is one of the major businesses in this region.

8. Gansbaai, South Africa

Gansbaai, South Africa is the most famous spot for caged shark diving. If you are composing a bucket list then you have to put cage diving in that. Going face-to-face with a great white shark and only a layer of steel away from death is one of the most adrenaline-pumping experiences. Volunteers wear a wetsuit, sit in a cage, and are landed between hurdles of deadly predators.

9. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands are famous for their environmental protection. That might be the reason for its shark pollution. This place is regularly voted as the best diving location in the world due to its amazing underground tropology. The major shark population includes hammerhead sharks.

10. Molokai, USA

Last but not least on the list, Molokai near Maui, Hawaii is famous for its resident hammerhead shark population. Here you can dive with large schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks. Shark season on Maui and Molokai runs from May to November, when there are more hammerheads and the channel crossing is calm.

Final Thoughts

I have articulated the top 10 places to swim with sharks. You can spend quality time here and make great memories. Swimming with sharks is a healthy activity and you can enjoy it by visiting these places.